Piriformis Pain and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Get The Facts Behind the Suffering

Piriformis Pain and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Get The Facts Behind the Suffering

If you’re reading this, then it’s a safe bet that you have a radiating pain running down the back of your thigh from as high as your buttocks that just won’t go away. If that sounds like You, don’t worry, help is on the way…

Quite likely you’ve been doing your research and have been to a doctor or specialist and have already tried various traditional treatment methods for bringing an end to your piriformis pain… But while you’ve been working on your *lower* body, its probably felt more like you’ve been banging your HEAD against the wall instead – with no pain relief in sight. Unfortunately the medical community is often so conditioned and focused on treating only the symptoms that they fail to address the cause of the problem. And so their symptom-focused treatments for sciatica of this type usually fail to provide lasting pain relief.

In order to get rid of your piriformis pain once and for all, you must first know what is causing it… And when it comes to piriformis pain, we’re dealing with something the doctors like to call “piriformis muscle syndrome”. This is the most common cause of sciatic pain and happens when the piriformis muscle puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, irritating it. So just to be clear; the piriformis pain is not in the muscle itself but stems from the sciatic nerve that’s inflamed because of the muscle’s position. How though does this awful situation develop in your body?

Click here to get the answer to this question and learn the real reason you’re in pain…

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