One Of The Best Piriformis Stretches Ever For Relieving Piriformis Pain

One Of The Best Piriformis Stretches Ever For Relieving Piriformis Pain

Looking for an easy piriformis stretch that will knock-out your pain within a few days and starts helping instantly? If you do endure persistent piriformis pain, then of course you are! In my post Piriformis Pain and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Get The Facts Behind the Suffering I started off with a quick explanation of the origin of piriformis muscle syndrome. Today I want to cut right to the chase and show you a “quick fix” exercise that’s a real fix for piriformis pain, known to have worked wonders for many thousands of people all over the world.

This piriformis stretch, done daily, will get the pain under control and stop the muscle spasms that magnify the hurt. As you know, piriformis pain comes under the broad heading of sciatica and is the most common form of sciatica back pain. The video you’re about to watch shows one of the best piriformis stretches out there and it works for other forms of sciatica as well. It is demonstrated by world-renowned sciatica back pain expert and co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, Jesse Cannone.

Go here to watch the video demonstration of this unique yet simple sciatic stretch…

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