2 Foods Never To Eat Before Bed If You Have Back Pain

The 2 types of “healthy food” you should never eat before bedtime if you have back pain! (Tip 34)

~ The best stretch for lower back pain relief while lying in bed – it’s painless. (Tip 2)

~ How to THINK ABOUT your back pain and piriformis pain to get instant relief. (Tip 62)

~ The special type of iced or hot tea that reduces inflammation and pain. (Tip 44)

~ How would you like to enjoy more back pain relief or piriformis pain relief than ever before by being lazy? Can you imagine a physical healing routine so relaxing and enjoyable that you would hate to skip it? That’s what you get in Tip 71.

~ The pleasant smell you can put in your home and office proven to relieve persistent back pain. (Tip 78)

The little tips and tricks you see above are just some of the ones that my good friend Jesse shared with me recently. Now let me share with you a story that I received the other day from one of my customers…
Two weeks ago, I sat on the edge of my bed to tie my shoes to head out to the gym. As I bent down… YOWZER!!! It felt like someone had stabbed me in my lower back. The sharp stinging pain even radiated down the back of my leg.

And just like that, my whole week was ruined. I called my workout partner and cancelled our workouts, had to cancel the business luncheon I had scheduled and worst of all, I had to tell my daughter that I could not play with her at the park as I had promised. And that one felt worse than the initial pain when I saw the look on her face.

Please help me!!! – Michael B., West Park, FL

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