About Me

I am a back pain and sciatica pain relief advocate; a health & fitness enthusiast; a lateral thinker; a generalist; an avid reader-learner-doer; a music, novel and movie addict; a teacher and helper to whoever’s interested in listening and willing to accept change; a man of many talents working to hone them into actual skills useful in real life… Etc, etc. In short, I’m a real person who’s kinda smart, interested in a lot of stuff, and likes to share what I know with people. 🙂 If, for some strange but wonderful reason you’re interested, you can check out the piriformis pain sciatica and back pain relief techniques I share on my website: http://www.piriformispain.org/ and you can also reach me directly on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/Jevaughn_Brown

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