4 Back Pain Myths Debunked Popular TV Celebrity Dr. Jennifer Ashton

CBS News Almost Got it Right [VIDEO]

I just came across a rare-as-rubies example of the lamestream I mean mainstream media actually putting out some genuinely useful information on back pain.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a well-known celebrity doctor, neatly debunked 4 of the great myths about back pain that mislead so many and ultimately keep back pain sufferers in pain needlessly.

Watch the short video of the good doctor here <== Click Here

However, she did miss one absolutely crucial element. My friend Jesse Cannone addresses this missing piece of the pain relief puzzle in his recent blog post:

The 1 crucial element that Dr. Ashton missed <== Click Here

Go check it out; I’m sure you’ll find Jesse’s insight eye-opening and give you the answers you need on how to enjoy real pain relief if you or a loved one is suffering from back pain.

To being pain free,
Jevaughn Brown

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Back Pain Treatment University Study Shows Why 80% of Them Don’t Work

New Keele University Study Shows Why 80% of Back Pain Treatment Doesn’t Work

I came across a brand new study that I think you, dear reader, will find fascinating – I sure did.

Recently published in The Lancet, a study at Keele University, located south of Liverpool, England, looked at 851 adults with back pain.* They wanted to know why 80% of these folks, with an average age of 50, still complained of back pain one year after visiting their doctor.

It turns out these patients were offered the same standardized back pain treatment when they visited their doctor for their back pain. You know; the “one size fits all” approach… painkillers, generic exercises, and general advice for self-treatment. (Sound familiar?)

Here’s where it gets interesting… When the researchers took a group of 568 of these study subjects and customized their back pain treatment, they saw marked improvement in their pain in as little as 4 months.

In other words, when they were given different options of back pain treatment appropriate to their individual needs, they finally found lasting pain relief. Options like specialized exercises, acupuncture, acupressure points, and even emotional approaches.

At the end of the study, 12 months later, what did they find? Not only did the study members enjoy substantially less back pain, they also reported that they functioned better on a daily basis, both physically and emotionally.

And you know what the real kicker was? After 12 months, those members who had gotten customized back pain treatment reported they were less fearful, less depressed, and in better general health!

You and I both know that no one approach works for everyone, even though traditional health care still wants us to believe that. Everyone’s situation is unique, including the cause of the back pain – and therefore what works to banish it for good also varies.

Back pain can occur for so many different reasons: Muscle imbalance… stress and negative emotions… sitting for too long… poor posture… sleeping wrong… Even the foods you eat every day can cause or aggravate back pain – all obviously requiring a more or less different back pain treatment to heal each case.

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2 Foods Never To Eat Before Bed If You Have Back Pain

The 2 types of “healthy food” you should never eat before bedtime if you have back pain! (Tip 34)

~ The best stretch for lower back pain relief while lying in bed – it’s painless. (Tip 2)

~ How to THINK ABOUT your back pain and piriformis pain to get instant relief. (Tip 62)

~ The special type of iced or hot tea that reduces inflammation and pain. (Tip 44)

~ How would you like to enjoy more back pain relief or piriformis pain relief than ever before by being lazy? Can you imagine a physical healing routine so relaxing and enjoyable that you would hate to skip it? That’s what you get in Tip 71.

~ The pleasant smell you can put in your home and office proven to relieve persistent back pain. (Tip 78)

The little tips and tricks you see above are just some of the ones that my good friend Jesse shared with me recently. Now let me share with you a story that I received the other day from one of my customers…
Two weeks ago, I sat on the edge of my bed to tie my shoes to head out to the gym. As I bent down… YOWZER!!! It felt like someone had stabbed me in my lower back. The sharp stinging pain even radiated down the back of my leg.

And just like that, my whole week was ruined. I called my workout partner and cancelled our workouts, had to cancel the business luncheon I had scheduled and worst of all, I had to tell my daughter that I could not play with her at the park as I had promised. And that one felt worse than the initial pain when I saw the look on her face.

Please help me!!! – Michael B., West Park, FL

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Just ONE Of These 101 Ways To Back Pain Relief May Be All You Need…

Just ONE Of These 101 Ways To Beat Back Pain May Be All You Need…

Over the course of more than 10 years, the dedicated team of experts at The Healthy Back Institute, spearheaded by co-founder Jesse Cannone, have helped over 162,000 people in 127 different countries relieve themselves of back pain and sciatic pain – for good.

They’ve become one of the most highly respected authorities in the world on getting rid of back pain due to their all-natural, safe, holistic, long-term approach to beating back pain permanently.

I’ve watched their growth from strength to strength over the last few of those years and used their material myself. Having lasted and prospered this long, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they’ve learned a lot of secrets to back pain relief to build on the body of knowledge they share with so many.

If back pain is controlling your life and making you miserable, keep reading to learn how to get 101 ways to reduce or eliminate your pain!

In fact – The Healthy Back Institute team recently sat down, put their decades of combined experience and success together, and wrote out their top 101 back pain tricks. 101 ways to get rid of back pain and sciatic pain – many of which most people have NEVER heard of.

These tricks are EASYFASTEFFECTIVE… and the vast majority of them cost either nothing or very little.

Because let’s face it…


Your life has been taken over by back pain. You might even feel trapped. Helpless. You’re probably even getting worried that this may be something you’ll be dealing with for the rest of your life.

So why should YOU have to worry about finding the best way to get rid of your back pain in the fastest, safest, most cost-effective way?

Here’s the good news:

You don’t!

Because they’ve put together 101 short, powerful, and downright EASY pain relief tricks in a special report which gives you the top 101 ways to get rid of back pain for good. After just a quick read, you won’t have to “guess” at what will work for you or bounce from doctor to doctor with no relief in sight.

Instead, you can simply find 2-3 tricks – and try them yourself! No guessing. No researching online. No wasting countless hours at the doctors.

Now, they’ll all be saved for you in your “desktop back pain reference guide” called…

101 Back Pain Relief Tricks: Quick And Easy Ways To FINALLY Beat Back Pain

Jesse and the team are officially giving you instant access to this special report right now so you can start using these powerful techniques immediately.

Every single one of them has been scientifically proven to deliver temporary or permanent back pain relief.

Not only that, they’ve also included many tips which are designed not just to help you lose your pain… but also reduce your stress… lower blood pressure… gain more flexibility and mobility… and even have better sex more often!

When you read below just some of what’s inside you’ll see why I think anybody serious about getting back pain relief or sciatic pain relief won’t be able to pass up getting their own copy of this powerful report. This is real and happening now.

Here are just a few of the tricks you’ll discover inside this special report…

101 Ways to End Back Pain and Sciatica

101 Ways to End Back Pain and Sciatica

If you’re anything like me, back pain occasionally rears its ugly head and bites you – usually at the worst possible time. I bend over to tie my shoe laces – and get a sharp twinge. You know the one I’m talking about. And then suddenly I have an aching back for days.

The worst part of dealing with back pain for me is actually not even the pain really; but the fact that it keeps me from doing the things I love to do. Things like working out; “playing” (aka working) on my business; or just having fun with my friends. I’m human and I’d be lying to you if I told you I was Superman and never got back pain too. Worse, I’ve watched my mother suffering from piriformis pain sciatica for years, which is what inspired me to research effective treatments and finally to create this website. Because I know that I and my mother weren’t the only ones suffering with these condtions out there. Untold millions deal with back pain and sciatica worldwide. In fact over 50 million will experience back pain just in America alone this year.

Luckily, during my last bout with nagging back pain, I reached out to my good friend Jesse and he graciously shared a tip with me that was so powerful that I had about an 80% improvement in just 90 minutes!

I’m not going to try and explain it to you myself because I’m not the back pain expert – That’s Jesse’s area of expertise. He’s just full of little tips and tricks from his many years of experience that actually help people get significant, even total pain relief almost instantly, as in my case. Better yet these are things you can do yourself instead of paying some serious money to a specialist to work on your back pain for you. Or worse – resorting to potentially dangerous and unreliable surgery. You just have to try them and see.

I asked him to tell you what he taught me so he put together a quick little presentation to tell you all about it right here: 1 Simple Trick To End Back Pain For Good <~ Click Here

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One Of The Best Piriformis Stretches Ever For Relieving Piriformis Pain

One Of The Best Piriformis Stretches Ever For Relieving Piriformis Pain

Looking for an easy piriformis stretch that will knock-out your pain within a few days and starts helping instantly? If you do endure persistent piriformis pain, then of course you are! In my post Piriformis Pain and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Get The Facts Behind the Suffering I started off with a quick explanation of the origin of piriformis muscle syndrome. Today I want to cut right to the chase and show you a “quick fix” exercise that’s a real fix for piriformis pain, known to have worked wonders for many thousands of people all over the world.

This piriformis stretch, done daily, will get the pain under control and stop the muscle spasms that magnify the hurt. As you know, piriformis pain comes under the broad heading of sciatica and is the most common form of sciatica back pain. The video you’re about to watch shows one of the best piriformis stretches out there and it works for other forms of sciatica as well. It is demonstrated by world-renowned sciatica back pain expert and co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, Jesse Cannone.

Go here to watch the video demonstration of this unique yet simple sciatic stretch…

Piriformis Pain and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Get The Facts Behind the Suffering

Piriformis Pain and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Get The Facts Behind the Suffering

If you’re reading this, then it’s a safe bet that you have a radiating pain running down the back of your thigh from as high as your buttocks that just won’t go away. If that sounds like You, don’t worry, help is on the way…

Quite likely you’ve been doing your research and have been to a doctor or specialist and have already tried various traditional treatment methods for bringing an end to your piriformis pain… But while you’ve been working on your *lower* body, its probably felt more like you’ve been banging your HEAD against the wall instead – with no pain relief in sight. Unfortunately the medical community is often so conditioned and focused on treating only the symptoms that they fail to address the cause of the problem. And so their symptom-focused treatments for sciatica of this type usually fail to provide lasting pain relief.

In order to get rid of your piriformis pain once and for all, you must first know what is causing it… And when it comes to piriformis pain, we’re dealing with something the doctors like to call “piriformis muscle syndrome”. This is the most common cause of sciatic pain and happens when the piriformis muscle puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, irritating it. So just to be clear; the piriformis pain is not in the muscle itself but stems from the sciatic nerve that’s inflamed because of the muscle’s position. How though does this awful situation develop in your body?

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The 11 Commandments Of Piriformis Pain

The 11 Commandments Of Piriformis Pain

Yesterday in my article, Muscle Imbalance – The Secret Source Of Piriformis Pain and Sciatica Back Pain I went into some depth about piriformis muscle syndrome and the most common major cause of piriformis pain – and indeed of most cases of sciatica back pain – muscle imbalances. I encourage you to read it after you’ve gone over the “commandments” in this article.

That discussion was a little bit technical so as to show the underlying scenarios that lead to piriformis pain. Today I want to simplify things a bit, and be a little tongue-in-cheek too, by giving you, dear reader, the “11 Commandments Of Piriformis Pain”. These are the behavior and lifestyle choices anyone suffering from piriformis pain must strongly consider doing to reduce, relieve, and prevent piriformis pain. As a bonus these tips will help with any other type of sciatica back pain as well. Everything’s related.

Don’t be surprised if your piriformis pain sticks around no matter what else you do if you don’t try out the advice below. So without further ado, here are The 11 Commandments Of Piriformis Pain:

1. Thou Shalt Sit Straight
One of the worst things you can do to yourself is something you possibly do all day long: Sit down. Because most people slump over into a “C”-shape when they sit and over-stress their spine. This posture normally doesn’t hurt you *now*, but it’s a documented fact that poor posture = Pain down the road. After years of sitting badly like this, “down the road” has come for many of us…

For more information on dealing with this, click here

2. Thou Shalt Exercise Properly
We all need to develop a balanced and stable body and it’s even more urgent if you’re already suffering from piriformis pain. The problem is so many of the most popular exercises out there make piriformis muscle syndrome even worse by strengthening the wrong muscle groups further, or by neglecting flexibility. The muscle imbalances that lead to the pain in the first place get reinforced and piriformis pain flares up stronger.

For more information on pain-causing muscle imbalances and how to deal with them, click here

3. Thou Shalt Drink Plenty of Water
Water is so important to humans it goes without saying. One of the most basic yet common causes of pain is dehydration. Not having enough fluid in the body to keep the body cool, the blood moving, the muscles supple, the tendons relaxed and the discs well hydrated causes pain. Drink more water – and coffee, soda and tea aren’t water! They dehydrate you by themselves.

For more information on this issue, click here

4. Thou Shalt Not Tolerate Chronic Inflammation
Inflammation is a primary immune system response to an irritant. The swelling is your body’s way of supplying the problem area with antibodies, fresh blood, cells, etc to begin the healing process. And it works pretty flawlessly until age 25 or so, when levels of the healing enzymes critical to controlling this process begin to decline and so inflammation starts running unchecked.

For more on how to stop excessive inflammation cold without poisoning yourself and get the enzymes you need back, click here

Find out what the other 7 ‘commandments’ to achieving piriformis pain relief and general sciatic pain relief are by clicking here…

Stay healthy my friends,
Jevaughn Brown