4 Back Pain Myths Debunked Popular TV Celebrity Dr. Jennifer Ashton

CBS News Almost Got it Right [VIDEO]

I just came across a rare-as-rubies example of the lamestream I mean mainstream media actually putting out some genuinely useful information on back pain.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a well-known celebrity doctor, neatly debunked 4 of the great myths about back pain that mislead so many and ultimately keep back pain sufferers in pain needlessly.

Watch the short video of the good doctor here <== Click Here

However, she did miss one absolutely crucial element. My friend Jesse Cannone addresses this missing piece of the pain relief puzzle in his recent blog post:

The 1 crucial element that Dr. Ashton missed <== Click Here

Go check it out; I’m sure you’ll find Jesse’s insight eye-opening and give you the answers you need on how to enjoy real pain relief if you or a loved one is suffering from back pain.

To being pain free,
Jevaughn Brown

Learn the truth about back pain and how to get lasting relief from Dr. Ashton and Jesse Cannone here…