4 Back Pain Myths Debunked Popular TV Celebrity Dr. Jennifer Ashton

CBS News Almost Got it Right [VIDEO]

I just came across a rare-as-rubies example of the lamestream I mean mainstream media actually putting out some genuinely useful information on back pain.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a well-known celebrity doctor, neatly debunked 4 of the great myths about back pain that mislead so many and ultimately keep back pain sufferers in pain needlessly.

Watch the short video of the good doctor here <== Click Here

However, she did miss one absolutely crucial element. My friend Jesse Cannone addresses this missing piece of the pain relief puzzle in his recent blog post:

The 1 crucial element that Dr. Ashton missed <== Click Here

Go check it out; I’m sure you’ll find Jesse’s insight eye-opening and give you the answers you need on how to enjoy real pain relief if you or a loved one is suffering from back pain.

To being pain free,
Jevaughn Brown

Learn the truth about back pain and how to get lasting relief from Dr. Ashton and Jesse Cannone here…


Back Pain Treatment University Study Shows Why 80% of Them Don’t Work

New Keele University Study Shows Why 80% of Back Pain Treatment Doesn’t Work

I came across a brand new study that I think you, dear reader, will find fascinating – I sure did.

Recently published in The Lancet, a study at Keele University, located south of Liverpool, England, looked at 851 adults with back pain.* They wanted to know why 80% of these folks, with an average age of 50, still complained of back pain one year after visiting their doctor.

It turns out these patients were offered the same standardized back pain treatment when they visited their doctor for their back pain. You know; the “one size fits all” approach… painkillers, generic exercises, and general advice for self-treatment. (Sound familiar?)

Here’s where it gets interesting… When the researchers took a group of 568 of these study subjects and customized their back pain treatment, they saw marked improvement in their pain in as little as 4 months.

In other words, when they were given different options of back pain treatment appropriate to their individual needs, they finally found lasting pain relief. Options like specialized exercises, acupuncture, acupressure points, and even emotional approaches.

At the end of the study, 12 months later, what did they find? Not only did the study members enjoy substantially less back pain, they also reported that they functioned better on a daily basis, both physically and emotionally.

And you know what the real kicker was? After 12 months, those members who had gotten customized back pain treatment reported they were less fearful, less depressed, and in better general health!

You and I both know that no one approach works for everyone, even though traditional health care still wants us to believe that. Everyone’s situation is unique, including the cause of the back pain – and therefore what works to banish it for good also varies.

Back pain can occur for so many different reasons: Muscle imbalance… stress and negative emotions… sitting for too long… poor posture… sleeping wrong… Even the foods you eat every day can cause or aggravate back pain – all obviously requiring a more or less different back pain treatment to heal each case.

Click here to go beyond the mainstream “standardized approach” that so overwhelmingly fails to get rid of back pain.